On-Going Clinical Support

Western CPAP supports doctors
We work closely with physicians, to ensure better sleep outcomes.

Physicians are most concerned that their patients actually comply with the treatments prescribed for their wellness.

Because evidence indicates that non-compliance patterns with CPAP therapy is established as early as week one in treatment, physicans appreciate our 30-Day Right Start.

By working closely with physicians, we help to ensure better sleep outcomes for their patients.

From timely and accurate reporting of trial results to on-going communication of patient progress with their CPAP therapy, our commitment is to provide the absolute best patient (and by extension physician) support available today.

From free self-diagnostic and education materials to our fully-supported diagnostics and CPAP trials, you can be assured that your patients are getting the best service available.

We’re passionate about educating patients to better understand their symptoms, recovery and overall health. That’s why we provide a licensed Respiratory Therapists to help their recovery. In addition, the diversity of our network and our 21-year experience with complex cases allows us to coordinate care between specialists and physicians, the result of which is efficient treatment programs where patient needs are always first.

Physicians refer their patients to us because:

  • We provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and reports
  • Responsible management, including 30-day on-boarding and calibrations to assure patient compliance, and best-possible pressure-delivery
  • Patient education to provide a full understanding of the condition as well as ongoing management strategies, machine calibrations, and physician reporting
  • Is your machine working properly?