Sleep-Focused Employee Wellness

cpap clinics as part of employee wellness
A good night’s sleep changes everything.

The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates that 3% of adults over the age of 18 have self-reported sleep apnea – that number rises to 5% in people over the age of 45.

Because sleep disturbances and repeated reductions in blood oxygen levels during sleep apnea result in excessive daytime sleepiness, reduced concentration, reduced productivity, impaired thinking, and impaired workplace performance, progressive employers link sleep hygiene with the provision of workplace sleep clinics.

Working as an integral part of a well-rounded employee wellness program, we provide on-site and/or private sleep apnea screening, coordination and communication of results with relevant physicians, and provide on-site/at-home CPAP diagnostics.

Let’s talk about augmenting your employee wellness, benefits, or health insurance package with the most comprehensive sleep therapy support system available for your employees:

You’ll provide:

  1. Quality service to your employees/clients, assuring – through a longitudinal, data-driven program – the best possible CPAP compliance and medical support therapy.
  2. Lower claim costs and overhead, due to our unrelenting focus on quality submissions of claims.
  3. Higher patient compliance, due to increased awareness and a focus on interactive coaching – resulting in better patient health, and lower claims per patient.

Let’s talk about improving the sleep – and productivity – of your organization:

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