The 30-Day Right Start

We know that getting started with CPAP therapy can be difficult.

It’s a change of lifestyle for both you and your partner, and involves learning how to both operate and live-with a machine in the bedroom (as well as its attachments).

Don’t worry – you’ll get there!

The 30-Day Right Start will get you comfortable with CPAP – quickly.

Week 1 Services Include

  • Selecting the best machine for your prescription
  • Navigating insurance and reimbursement complexities
  • Getting to know your machine – a 30-minute walk-through, explaining the purpose of each part, and how to interact (clean, maintain, change, etc) each part.
  • Setting your pressure to the precise level of your prescription
  • Showing you how to change your filter
  • Giving you a call-line – we’re at your service
  • Discussing what data is collected by the machine, and how it’s used
  • Answering any and all questions you or your partner may have

Week 2 Services Include

  • Checking-in to ascertain your comfort levels
  • Reviewing your stats from week 1 – pressure, sleep times, number of events/night, other key data
  • We’ll discuss comfort with your mask, how your partner is adapting, and more.

Week 3 Services Include

  • Typically, you’ll be settling-in by now, but may still have some questions – we’ll talk you through any issue, and make sure that you have supplies like distilled water (for your humidifier) on your shopping list
  • We’ll also review your pressure settings and sleep stats with you

Week 4 Services Include

  • Final-check-ins this week.
  • We’ll focus on pressure settings, to assure that your mask is properly fitting, and discuss how to clean your mask and hose.