The GoodSleep Program

The GoodSleep Program combines diagnostics, services, and support to assure that you improve your sleep.

Elements include:

30-day change everything plan1. GOOD SLEEPCLINICS

  • GoodSleep™ clinics are workplace and Pharmacy-centred events that are centred on sleep health
  • If your employees suspect that they or a spouse might have sleep apnea, or they just want to learn a little more, we offer confidential self assessments to help initiate an informed conversation with their physician, as well as putting the individual’s sleep quality into the context of organizational efficiency.
  • Have employees bring their machines-in for trouble shooting or discussion, to assure that their CPAP machine is working properly.
  • Get free CPAP supplies
  • Get discounts on CPAP equipment and supplies

2. The 30-Day Right-start/RE-START

  • The 30 Day Right-Start is a personalized program that provides your employee with the training, support, and familiarity they/their partner need to be successful with CPAP therapy
  • Ideal for employees who have been prescribed CPAP therapy, but have not been successful in staying with the program

3. Constant Calibration

  • Every CPAP arranged through our service benefits from our Constant Calibration service – a monthly, remote check-in and adjustment of your current pressure setting back to its prescribed value.


  • Every six months, we’ll download and send your employee his/her sleep data as well as to the prescribing physician, assuring that your employee is tracked regularly with authoritative stats

5. Fair prices. Excellent support.

  • Your employees leverage best-available prices, balanced with excellent technical and advisory support.